Sunday, August 16, 2009


I have some fantastic news to share. I have a new agent! And when I backtrack two months and think about how this came about…just so weird. I really credit this blog, and the comments left here. To recap, I was looking for blog content, remembered the memoir stuck in my closet, and began sifting through it, posting random scenes. People liked them. So I started thinking of putting the memoir on Kindle and Scribd. Spent a couple of weeks polishing it, then thought: Wait a minute. Nobody in the world has read this manuscript. (One friend saw an early draft.) But good God. Really didn’t want to look for an agent. Didn’t know if I could deal with that again. Okay, I’ll query four or five agents, then make the story available in digital format once they all tell me it’s nothing. Friends were tossing agent names to me, but I decided to pay the twenty dollars a month for the search feature on Publishers Marketplace. That’s how I found her. No connections. No recommendations. I’m not going to post her name on my blog or on twitter, because I think she likes to keep a low profile. Rarely takes new clients, and represents an intentionally small, fairly select group of writers. She has a rich and fascinating history in publishing, and I am truly lucky. And it doesn’t hurt that she believes the memoir is important. For two years I’ve had this bad mojo swirling around me, and I really feel it’s lifted. Couldn’t have done it without you.