Saturday, October 17, 2009

Amazon Kindle nightmare, take 10

As expected, Amazon requested documentation for Pale Immortal. I sent them a signed letter from the publisher of Penguin Books. The letter detailed the complete reversion of all rights, but that wasn't enough for Amazon to allow the book to go live. I'm guessing that their script doesn't allow for reversion rights, and if the book shows up in their system as being published by someone else, you're pretty much out of luck. This appears to be utter stupidity on their part, but maybe Amazon is trying to discourage this swampfest of backlist reissues. So anyway, here I sit with a beautiful book specifically formatted for Kindle.

update: I just figured out how to sell through E-Junkie, so you can download the MOBI file through the link on the right, above the Pale Immortal cover. I made a purchase to test it, and it works great. I have to also say that even though I don't have a Kindle, the material looks quite nice on Stanza desktop.

Download free app for iphone and desktop: Stanza

And here is where I really want to mention B10 Mediaworx. In the center of this tangle emerged someone who really delivered, who did exactly what she said she would do. I did not want to offer some slapped together mess, and I wanted to be certain Pale Immortal was formatted correctly. It looks fantastic!!! Oddly enough, I was unable to view it in all of it's glory (complete with Belfry Press logo) until I uploaded to Kindle and hit preview.


  1. Hi Anne -- this is great! I just downloaded through E-junkie. They're wonderful.

    I downloaded the file and opened it on my computer in my (free) Calibre software, and it's beautiful.

  2. Linda,
    That's so good to hear!!! Yay! So it looks okay in Calibre too? I will make a note of that. I am so impressed with Mediaworx. Can't rave enough. And yeah -- E-junkie is fantastic! Impressed with them too.

  3. Thanks, Anne. I'm glad it's turning out so well for you. I'm hoping other midlist authors with their rights reverted will do what you've done.

    I'm glad B10 could help. :)

  4. this will be a good test. i have to admit that without Amazon as a storefront I don't expect to break even. But I hope I'm wrong. Major publishers can't even sell books on their sites. We need something that can compete with A, but I don't know what it is. Something like a book equivalent to etsy maybe.

  5. A book equivalent to etsy is exactly it.

  6. For what it's worth, I'm going to publicize on my Facebook page.