Thursday, December 30, 2010


There's been a lot of online chatter about Kindle sales figures, so I decided to post mine. Not sure this will help anyone because there are so many variables. One big thing to keep in mind: I do zero promotion, and that probably impacts my figures. I decided to spend my time writing and working on new material rather than focusing on my backlist. Another thing to note is that my reissues contain errors. I don't think they contain a lot, but they aren't error-free. The professionally formatted books have errors, the books I formatted myself have errors, the pirated copies have errors. Doesn't seem to matter. Yes, I downloaded pirated copies of my books and put them on Amazon. Thank you, pirates. But please try to do a better job of formatting next time.

FYI: The cleanest is probably PLAY DEAD, which I edited and formatted.



Do you have ebooks available on Amazon?

Please consider leaving your sales figures in the comment area. I'd really like to see writers come forward about their sales, especially those writers who have only sold a few copies. Making your backlist available in digital format takes a massive amount of time and can be a big expense. Is it worth it? Anonymous comments are fine!


  1. Writing is such a noble art. It makes me want to rub myself with plutonium to see how little it is recognized or supported financially.

  2. we keep building our little boats and they keep blowing back to shore.

  3. I keep reading about the success of one or two writers, but on the whole, I'd rather go with print.

  4. Patti, I think success is rare, at least right now. I can see where my sales constantly increase, but not enough to make it worthwhile. Yet. I do know the digital release of Bad Karma was pirated by a couple of sites less than 24 hrs after Samhain released it. That's why I took Deadly Treats to an old-school publisher.