Friday, January 20, 2012

The Clarity of Night

On January 11  I sat down with Jason Evans of The Clarity of Night and we talked about The Orchard over a glass of wine. I really think Jason's take on the book was the most interesting part of the conversation. He brought up a lot of insightful observations. I've known Jason for many years.   Eight? We met back in the glory days of blogging.  I miss those days, the days before Twitter and Facebook. But anyhoo, here is the interview. Thank you, Jason!  


By the way, I temporarily removed my last post. Sorry about that. It will go back up at some point...  


  1. The glory days of blogging? Sorry I missed it. I don't tweet or Facebook much,but I'm going to have to jump in those waters soon.

  2. in the glory days my blog got several hundred hits a day. sometimes as many of 700. now i get maybe 50 when i post something. and Facebook is just so much faster and streamlined because of how easy it is to link. but also very easy for people to miss your post, so i don't know...