Thursday, August 16, 2012


Last summer I got together with some friends for a writing day. (Sorry if you've heard this before.) I really didn't know what to expect, but we set the timer for an hour and wrote. I went into it with absolutely no story or genre in mind. After an hour, we took a break and read what we had. Then we set the timer again for another hour. I came away with four pages that I called The Pale Boy. Didn't think about it much more, but decided to put it online and make it free at B&N, iTunes, and Amazon. Weeks later I was surprised to check the Amazon page and see that this tiny little story was getting reviews. Some were WTF reviews, but most readers really liked the story.  And since it's so short, I actually started using it at readings. And people liked it there too.

My friends and I got together again this summer, and I decided to continue The Pale Boy. Got about 2000 words written that day, and last week I completed the  story. It's about 6000 words now, which equates to about 35 pages, and you can find it on Amazon.

 No matter how you might feel about Amazon, I think it's the go-to place as far as getting information about books -- regardless of where people end up buying books. So if you happen to read one of my short stories, please consider leaving a review!  

The original four-page Pale Boy is still free: THE PALE BOY.

The full story, including the first chapter (The Pale Boy), is selling for .99. I've retitled the story, and am now calling it: MADE OF STARS.

I've been writing a lot of short stories, and my two favorites are Made of Stars and Max Under the Stars. So I've bundled them together: STARS


  1. Click on the title, not the cover. :D

  2. Clicking on the cover just brings up the cover in another window. Here's the Amazon link to Stars: