Sunday, January 26, 2014


I live in a church, which isn't easy to heat.

 Enter the winter of 2013/2014.  Twenty-seven BELOW ZERO IS THE NEW NORM.

 To put this in perspective, I'd never experienced a low of -27 in my entire life until this winter, and this winter we just keep hitting that number, and it's rare for temps to get above zero during the day. Propane jumped from 1.43 per gallon to 5.50, which means it might cost 1K to heat my place for one month if I keep the thermostat at 58. I wear layers of clothing and move from a chair in front of a space heater to a bed with an electric blanket. Forget showers or washing hair.

 But then we have this. The language of winter.

It's hard to truly capture nature because the camera eliminates all but the visual, but there's a bleak beauty to winter than really seems to lend itself to the lens.

Here's my theory: Unlike the language of summer, which relies on sight and scent and touch, winter can be a purely visual experience. What you capture is what you feel deep in your bones.


  1. I just finished reading The Orchard. I'm bereft that I am done reading it because I'm still stuck in the story and the feelings of it. It is a lovely book. Thank you for writing it and for sharing all that loss and all that joy.

    It is bitterly cold here as well and I have lamented the cost of propane just the same as you have in your blog. I have loved this long lazy winter and will be happy and sad at the same time to see the end of it.

    Last of all....I'm so sorry about your cat. We have had so many cats but we had one who was more special than all the others. We have one now that has used up nearly all her lives. It won't be easy when she has to finally go on. Your Latoya made such a good life in spite of his hard knocks. You were so blessed to enjoy a cat with such an enduring character.



    1. aww, kimber!! hugs, and what a lovely comment! i don't know you, but i adore you. :) it really warms my heart to hear that the orchard touched you in such a way.

      ~ Theresa ~