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New Release Announcement

Hello gang!
 I have a few things to talk about, and I'll get right to them. I'm all about the facts with very little gab. :)  Three books to tell you about, three different genres.

Out now!

He's Come Undone
New Adult romance
 Penniless and behind on rent, college student and once famous child actress Ellie Barlow takes on the role of a lifetime when she's hired by a group of young women to break the heart of the campus player who cruelly dumped them.
 Transformed from slob slacker to jaw-dropping beauty, Ellie is dressed, styled, bleached and waxed, her chunky glasses exchanged for violet contacts. Along with physical prepping, she's coached on Julian's obsessions, which include long-distance running, Doctor Who, and J.D. Salinger.
 In no time, Julian is in pursuit of his custom-made next victim, but when Ellie goes off script and begins to fall for her target, the newest broken heart in this risky game could be her own.
 Warning: This book is kinda hot.
Special new release price of .99! 

Soon to be available through iTunes and Kobo.
Soon to be available in print through Amazon.
 Out now!

 From the Indie Side
 About this anthology
 Featuring Michael Bunker, Peter Cawdron, Kate Danley, Anne Frasier, Sara Foster, Jason Gurley, Mel Hearse, Kev Heritage, Hugh Howey, Ernie Lindsey, Susan May, and Brian Spangler; and edited by David Gatewood. Includes a foreword by Hugh Howey, New York Times bestselling author of WOOL.
 A man who remembers the future and a veteran haunted by his past. A witch ignorant of her powers and a vampire achingly aware of his emptiness. An unmaimed man, a cursed queen, a troubled marriage, a family just trying to survive.
 From an abandoned convent to a Martian classroom, an open-mic reading to a New Mexico mountaintop, these fantastical and imaginative tales will take you on a journey through impossible worlds, all-too-possible futures, and disquieting glimpses into the other side of reality.
 Packed with original short stories ranging from sci-fi to thriller to the supernatural, "From the Indie Side" brings together some of the biggest authors in independent publishing today. Be prepared for a great ride--and don't be surprised if you discover your new favorite author in these pages.
 "When I read indie fiction, authenticity oozes from the page. Sample some unique and talented voices . . . sit back and enjoy the ride." - Hugh Howey
 ". . . it is a great book. It is one that you will want laying in the stack next to your bed or chair or sofa or desk--wherever you read--because you will want to read it over and over throughout the years." - Michael Bunker, bestselling author ofWICK and Pennsylvania

 In order to generate buzz about the book, we're giving away free download codes to newsletter subscribers via Smashwords.  If you enjoy the book (and I think you will) please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

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 Okay, this is an old title, Play Dead, but it's been released by Thomas & Mercer with a beautiful new cover.  The second book in the Elise Sandberg series, Stay Dead, comes out April 22 and is now available for pre-order.  Both books are set in Savannah and feature homicide detectives Elise Sandberg and David Gould. For those suspense readers who like a little romance with their suspense – these books might appeal to you. Especially Stay Dead, where we witness the growth of the relationship between Elise and David.   Will they do it???  Ah, that's the big mystery.

Play Dead
 No one is more familiar with Savannah's dark side than homicide detective and native resident Elise Sandburg. She's been haunted for years by her own mysterious past: she was abandoned as a baby in one of the city's ancient cemeteries, and it's rumored that she is the illegitimate daughter of an infamous Savannah root doctor. The local Gullah culture of voodoo and magic is one that few outsiders can understand, least of all Elise's new partner. Now someone is terrorizing the city, creating real-life zombies by poisoning victims into a conscious paralysis that mimics death. As the chilling case unfolds, Elise is drawn back into the haunted past she's tried so hard to leave behind.

Stay Dead
 New York Times bestselling author Anne Frasier takes readers back to her dark, enchanting Savannah—a place as terrifying as it is mesmerizing.
 Homicide detective Elise Sandburg is traumatized after her run-in with a madman the press has dubbed “The Organ Thief.” As Elise takes refuge in her deceased aunt Anastasia’s abandoned plantation to investigate and recover from her ordeal, she begins to question everything—from her dangerous line of work to her complex relationship with her handsome, tortured partner, David Gould. But with a madman on the loose, and her mother’s claims to still hear from Aunt Anastasia, she may have more immediate problems on her hands. In Elise’s world, where cold hard crime mixes with the local Gullah culture, nothing is ever what it seems, and no one is above suspicion—not even the dead.

But wait! That's not all!  Top of the page to the right you can go to Goodreads and enter for a chance to win a paperback copy of Stay Dead. FYI: This book as the coolest back-cover design.

 There you go. I'm done bugging you, but I'll be back in April with a reminder of the Stay Dead release!
 Take care and stay warm,

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