Saturday, January 2, 2010

somebody stop me

okay, another cover.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<----------------over here on the left.
love the pregnant woman cover, but it has a very contemporary look, and doesn't convey the fantasy element of the story. I'm never going to bitch about cover art again. It's hard to capture every element that needs to be captured. An editor once told me that the cover has to be able to snag a random reader's attention in something like a quarter of a second, so you not only have to portray some aspect of story, you also have to think of the shopper who is scanning a rack at the airport.


  1. This cover is wunderbar.

    btw, I got the epub version from Smashwords, and it had the pregnant lady cover on it.

  2. oh no to the pregnant lady! i did a test download and got the same cover. ugh. i might try reloading the image, but not feeling hopeful.


  3. I like that one too. :) The baby is surrounded by endless imagination.

  4. i like the one on the left too...i love the gulls above, and it has a bit of a surrealistic look that i like.