Sunday, August 1, 2010

Space Junque by LK Rigel

I don't know how editors do it. Editing a full manuscript. It's so intense and physically demanding. Just so much work, so much sitting, so much peering into a tiny screen and trying to read your own edits in a tiny little edit bubble. For me, a freelance manuscript edit takes 30 - 40 hours, and I try to complete it in a week or less. So physically demanding. When I write, I'm up and down all day long. Write a paragraph, wander away from computer. Jot something down on paper. Figure out what I want to do next. Go type it. I'm not really that attached to the computer throughout the process.

So anyway, to get to the point, and I do have one, I've really enjoyed working with LK Rigel on a couple of projects. For several reasons, one being that she's a great writer and a joy to work with. (Linda is a contributor to the Halloween anthology coming out September, 2011). Another thing -- she sends me about twenty pages at a time. The magic number for me! I love doing a content edit on these small sections. I'm a sprinter.

You can find the first two chapters of Space Junque on Smashwords. Free! Check it out!


  1. :blushing:

    Anyone lucky enough to work with you knows: you are so generous and smart and on point. You make me a better writer, and save me from my own silly self.

  2. oh, stop it!!! :D

    but seriously, you are so great to work with. after twenty years, i still temporarily freak out and lose my mind when i get my edits. you don't seem to do that. i wish i had that self control when it comes to my own writing.

  3. that cracks me up! I love edits -- they feel so self-indulgent. Someone actually took the time to read my stuff, to think critically about it, and to offer ideas on how to make it better.

    Like Christmas, and all the presents are for me...

  4. I've downloaded the first chapter of Space Junque. Can't wait to get into it!

    @Likari, I luv edits too, especially when the editor inspires me, or new plot points. With each new piece—even through tough developmental rounds—I feel like a better writer and my vim for story telling is multiplied.

    RE: " [Anne] are so generous and smart and on point." <--Very true!

  5. hey, Shirin! We're both in the Anne Fraiser/Theresa Weir editing fan club.

    I hope you like SJ.

  6. Shirin and Likari,
    exactly the attitude i'm talking about. i'm trying to channel you two. :D i have noticed that my response to edits varies greatly depending upon the editor. which only makes sense.

  7. Yeah, it could be that the reason I love getting your edits is because I always agree with them, ha.

    You are definitely brilliant!