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Monday, August 30, 2010

temporary cover

update 9/3/10: You can find the final temporary cover to the left (finalized with input from the publisher). Not sure if this is just a placeholder, or a design we will end up using for the actual cover. It will need a tweak and polish if we use it for real. At Killer Cocktails, information about the book will be in a brochure that is handed out to booksellers, media, book buyers, reviewers. Along with the cover image, I put together a short blurb that includes the names of all of the contributors, so it's good publicity for everyone involved! Last year was the first Killer party. I didn't attend, but I heard it went over very well and everyone enjoyed it, so I'm really looking forward to going this year! What to wear... What to wear...

I'm putting together some promo stuff for Killer Cocktails, a party that kicks off the Midwest Bookseller Association trade show. Too early to have a cover for the Halloween anthology, but I'm trying to come up with something that would work as a temporary cover.


  1. My preference, in order, is 3, 2, 1. The first is tough around the letters with busy colors and shapes. The second is nice, but maybe too nice. It makes me want to bake a nice, warm pie. :)

  2. The skulls remind me of m's jacket she wears and the pumpkins make me want to light my pumpkin spice candle.
    I'd say find a pic of something like candy with a blade in it or something
    I'm thinking here

  3. i'm leaning toward using a blank page with the title. this is really more of a placeholder, so maybe blank would really be best. or the publisher's logo. this is for a brochure that will be passed out to booksellers.

  4. I'm partial to the skulls. I lurve them...

    The middle one is too, oh, proper-looking.

    I do like the first one, too. For some reason it makes me think of that scary squirrel dude.

  5. I would say 1 or 3, but with 3 you might need an orange or blood red font. Hard on the eyes as is, IMO.

    I actually like #2 a lot, but it looks too sweet, even with the title.

  6. I'd go with mock up #1 with blank font for title.

  7. I'd also like to say that while I like the skulls, not only do they remind me of M's jacket
    they remind me of this book...

  8. the Jack-o-lantern is my favorite. and like kelly said, maybe a darker font...or even a different font might make all the difference.

  9. okay, as you will see on left, a new final cover! not sure if this will be the final, final design. an update to the blog post explains a bit more. while i liked the skulls, i think the design is a bit too busy and i think a pumpkin and odd lettering will really stand out on the shelves.


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