Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Am I done?

I'm busy with freelance edits, but as I'm editing I sometimes come up with things to share.

Am I done yet?

Before moving on, I ask myself if I've thoroughly explored the emotional depth of a scene. Of course I've been doing more navel-gazing lately, but I think this kind of question can apply to most writing. If a scene falls flat, ask yourself what you're missing. Try to unlock the secret of that scene.

Had a lovely Mother's Day. The offspring came and we drank New Glarus beer, ate pizza, planted a Haralson apple tree, went mushroom hunting, transplanted Perley lilacs, and listened to rough mixes of two new songs.

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  1. Yes,exactly, that's my kind of Mother's Day...interacting with the Offspring as adults, not stuck on some Hallmark pedestal with offerings of flowers and other funeral goods at my feet.