Saturday, May 29, 2010

free short stories on Smashwords

For the next few days I'm offering a couple of free short stories on Smashwords. Please be my test readers! You have to use the coupon code to download free titles. If you spot any typos, let me know!!

Crack House coupon code: WJ44U

Girls From the North Country coupon code: BX94M


  1. I saw no typos, but I was caught up in the stories and might have missed them.

    Do you know why the covers don't show up in the Kindle versions? I'm using Kindle for PC, so that might have something to do with it.

    Anyway, I love the stories. Did Heather suggest a Storycard for Crack House? ha ha...

  2. i just looked at your review. teehee!! have no idea why the cover isn't showing up! i wonder if it's something to do with size? yes, heather suggested a storycard for crack. already done! hah! sent a copy of max to my agent as a thank-you card. she loved it, and suggested i make some for The Orchard! and just got an email from someone in Minneapolis asking if i'd be interested in bringing them to a craft fair! so i'd better get busy and make more!