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Sunday, May 16, 2010

those crazy storycards

Over the past few months I let the storycard thing slide, still unsure about the whole concept and packaging. (Is this stupid? Not stupid?) Friday I participated in a fundraiser for the local library. I donated about 15 of my Frasier books and gave a talk/discussion. I also donated most of my remaining stock of storycards. Weird thing? Everybody loved the storycards. They were a much bigger hit than my books. Since all of my storycard sales have been by mail, I hadn't actually witnessed the response to the cards. People seem to love the way they feel, love the size, love the concept, love the choice of patterns, love that they are handmade. So I'm feeling kind of buzzed about them again. It's a tough thing, because I don't think Etsy is really the place to sell them, and I don't think a bookstore is really the place to sell them (even though the audience is there), because I would have to almost give them away in order for the store to make any profit. I've added another story, and I plan to add three more in the next few months.

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  1. I think you should keep them on Etsy and try to sell them at craft fair settings, writer conferences, etc.

  2. heather, i think craft fairs could be the best setting. haven't really looked into it, but i know there are a lot of them in and around Minneapolis.

    ugh, the cat is vomiting. :D


  3. I think the moral of that story is that you need to sell them in person. Back in college, I knew a lady who made a ton of money selling figures cast out of scented beeswax. She was able to leave her job and do it full time. They went to various shows and had a table and set up. I wonder if the same would work for you.

    BTW, we bought a Nook and I'm reading Bad Karma now. :)

  4. Jason, I can't believe you got an ereader!! :)

    i think you are absolutely right about selling them in person. normally i'm really bad about that, as in i just can't sell, but i didn't need to sell these things. first there was a curiosity, followed by surprise, followed by a delight. people kept talking about them and fondling them. :)

    i might have to hit some craft shows this summer.


  5. You may really be on to something. Seriously. Why don't you sign up for one and see how it goes? You can build up your inventory in the meantime.


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