Friday, September 14, 2012

Taking the day off

Last time I sat at this picnic table in this park, I was waiting to hear back from an agent I worked with for a very short time four years ago. He wanted me to add a murder to The Orchard so he could sell it as suspense. And I couldn't make him see how ridiculous that idea was. To take my life and add a murder to it.I understandably ended our association, but that was the darkest period of my writing career, my short association with him. Today I'm thinking about how writers have so many more choices than we had four years ago. I feel so much more in control of my future, my career, and my own writing than I did then. Back then I felt at the mercy of one person. Sending this from phone so we'll see if it posts!


  1. I read and loved The Orchard. A murder? Just add one to your memoir? Crazy capitalism. I have lived in Iowa all of my life - so far - I know where you are coming from. Thank you for writing what you know and what you feel.

  2. Sandra, thanks so much. Yes, the agent's suggestion was totally insane, but at the time he almost convinced me that it was the only way to get my memoir published. crazy business. At least I came to my senses very quickly.