Sunday, June 2, 2013


Another week and I'll be done with the second draft of my contracted suspense due to the publisher the end of the summer. But as I'm wrapping up round two, I'm suddenly hit with a dream plot for a romantic comedy. By dream plot, I mean I actually dreamed it. 

 I love the concept, and I want to write it. But the premise is a bit far-fetched. Not horribly far-fetched, just a bit. It kind of treads Nick Hornby About a Boy territory. Not the plot, but the far-fetched aspect. I've never written romantic comedy or any comedy other than the Girl with the Cat Tattoo, so I started thinking of comedy books and movies, and it occurred to me that they all have a bit of a far-fetched element.  In writing suspense, especially crime fiction, you have to be so careful to keep it real, but is it okay to step outside that with romantic comedy?  I'm thinking it is?