Thursday, September 17, 2009


I tried same image with Black Tupelo:

I'm still dealing with fallout from the Quartet Press mess, and have been unable to concentrate on my current project because of it. I was supposed to have received the EPUB file for Bad Karma, but it's looking like that isn't going to happen. I could say more here, but I won't because it would just be speculation. But the lack of the file has put me into another tailspin, and certainly put my own publishing venture on hold. And I absolutely cannot take any more time off from my current memoir project, especially now that I have an agent who believes strongly in the material and is waiting for my revision.

That brings me to Samhain Publishing. They've expressed interest in possibly publishing Bad Karma and Pale Immortal. And right now that seems appealing. I work on projects one at a time, and I spent combined total of two or three months on Karma and Pale, then moved them off my plate to concentrate on my big project. But here they are back on my plate. I can either put them aside for several months, or submit them to Samhain. If I put them aside, there's a chance I may never go back to them. If Samhain publishes them, they'll be off my plate and I'll be able to move on. (Although Pale Immortal might not be a good fit for them, and I could end up pubbing it myself.)

I also have something new I might pub (in future, time permitting), and I have a big project I'm working on with someone else that I feel could really be something. Right now we are in the idea stage. I'm not sure it will ever move past that, but if it does we will need a publishing house of our own.



  1. Tough decisions! I've never heard anything negative about Samhain and they will handle all the business details if you decide to go that route and you can concentrate on your other projects. I'm sure you'll make the right choice for you!

  2. kelly, yes, Samhain seems to have a good reputation. I'm really afraid if I put Bad Karma on back burner, I won't be able to fully concentrate on memoir, a problem I'm already experiencing since the close of QP. darn OCD

  3. I am the same way about projects. hehe! If I don't finish something it sits in the back of my brain, like I could go back, back, back. But I have to work on this... I have about 3 projects on the back burner now. There's a lot of smoke back there! *cough*

  4. There's some sales data on samhain here: . They have a very good reputation and they are amongst the top tier of epublishers. Most importantly they have very good sales. Sales are likely to be less for the non-erotic novels. Although with your name I doubt that is going to make a difference.

  5. anon, thanks so much for the link! those figures are mind boggling. makes me wonder why anybody bothers. 700 copies. i read that figure elsewhere too. really doesn't seem worth the effort for anybody, but i guess with ebook pubs it's about the number of books released in a month. but for writers, it almost seems an exercise in futility. might as well work at taco bell. i'm used to selling 60K - 150K. not 700. heh!