Friday, September 17, 2010

orchards and cemeteries

I've been jotting down a lot of things for my next project. In the process, I sometimes come upon notes that I wrote for previous books, notes that I never used. This is something I found today, written for The Orchard:

And I myself am fooled by time and distance. The photos represent an idyllic life, and I contemplate that life with the eyes of a stranger, feeling the pull of a perfect world.

I want to live there, raise my children there. And then I remember... I did live there. I did raise my children there. And I have to remind myself of the other things, the hidden things.

Orchards and cemeteries feel the same.


  1. Not to one who lives the urban life. Cemeteries here are as derelict as the streets around them. Or as sterile as the suburbs.

  2. patti, i think they feel similar to me because they are about the past and about people who are dead. many old orchards were planted by people who are no longer living. so combine that with the rows, and they just have a similar sweet sadness to me.

  3. Do they print arcs for memoirs? I can't wait to read it. I will wait, of course. ;-)

  4. finally i can reply! the comment box doesn't show up when i try to reply on my ipod, but i'm back home now. heather, they are printing ARCs. i think they will be ready around august 1 if the release date isn't changed.