Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm posting about memoir writing, but most of what I say can be applied to fiction. The one thing I really noticed about memoir is that much of it is internal. You write the scene, then you DIG DIG DIG. DEEP. You find yourself in that scene, and you react and analyze the events that unfold. So, on the surface, you might have a scene that's not that exciting -- until you put yourself in it, and by that I mean let us know what you think about the events. Let us feel the emotion of the scene. And yes, this applies to fiction. This seems to be one of the last things writers learn to do: let their characters process the event, feel the event. And yet this is an important layer when you're creating a piece of art. Emotion.


  1. oh, you are a brave woman to write a memoir. I admire you. Beyond feeling the emotions, you have to write to connect. I don't know if I have that talent.

  2. i never thought the first one would sell, so that helped. i wrote without censoring myself. and now i'm thinking, TMI. ha! i imagine it will upset some people, but i don't think you can write an honest memoir without upsetting people. my fiction even upset family members.

  3. Sometimes, I've worried about what I write upsetting others. But if it's honest, I am not sure that's necessarily a bad thing.

    I can assure you, however, anything I've written about my mother will remain safely under lock and key while she remains in any condition to read it. :)