Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We've been talking about doing this forever. We make plans. Something happens. Cancel plans. A year passes. Another year. Well this weekend a few of us writerly people got together at my place. And WROTE!

Well, we did a lot of other things, like talk and laugh and eat. And eat some more. But in order to keep this a bit on track, we decided to set a timer for a hour. And WROTE!

Then we ate and talked and laugh. Then set the timer for another hour. And WROTE!

And then of course we ate some more and shared our stories. Pat had the highest word count with something like 1600 words. Not only did she have an impressive word count, she had a great story! I had around 1200 words after the first hour. The second hour was spent editing (weeding), so I ended up with 1000 total. I hadn't thought at all about what I was going to write until the timer starting ticking. I'd originally thought I would write a nonfiction piece I'm planning for a magazine, but I just didn't feel like writing nonfiction. I was in a fiction mood. It took about fifteen minutes for my brain to finally make sense of what I was typing, and after 45 minutes I could see where the story was going.

I gave it an edit, but nobody else has proofed it, so it might have some mistakes. If you want to read it for free, you can find it on Smashwords.

I'd just post it here, but it will lose all formatting.
It's a fantasy about a time shift, a dreamscape, an alternate world, a pale boy, a goth girl, a coffee shop, and a business card.


  1. I read this story and Max Under the Stars today and loved them both. Phenomenal.

    I bought a Kindle last year and have over 400 titles loaded already. I just wanted you to know that your stories rank right up there at the top of my favorites.

    I usually go for horror, bloody thrillers, and the paranormal. Your writing is like taking a break from the heavy metal and chilling with some kick-ass jazz.


  2. Oh, Christine! I'm so glad to hear that!!!!! That makes me happy!