Monday, May 7, 2012


This is something we know, but sometimes those things we know become the things we forget because of the too familiar. Like a beautiful view you begin to take for granted. Or the pile of dirty dishes that have been there for a week. You just get used to it, and it becomes normal, and it doesn't register anymore. So sometimes when I'm writing I forget. I forget the very core of what this is about is emotion. Doesn’t matter what you're writing. Fiction. Nonfiction. Suspense. Crime fiction. Fantasy. Romance. We are all looking for that emotional ride. We want our breath to catch. We want our heart to pound.

The best music, the best visual art, the best movies, the best books are, at the very core, about taking the reader on an emotional journey.

 Carry on.  Just put this up as a reminder to myself. 

But…wait.  What about connection?  What about reader connection?  Isn't that at the core of all good writing? That recognition of yourself in a piece of someone's writing?

Yes, it is.  Which is why the shared experience between the writer and reader is so darn complex. 


  1. Maybe the emotion IS the connection, the recognition of myself in the character or plot or setting is possible because of the emotion.

  2. Good point and observation! love that. There are other connections, like I've seen that before. I've sat in that kind of chair, or tasted that, or whatever, but maybe the emotional aspect is the key to it all.