Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I still have a couple of book events left before I can knuckle down and begin writing my next Frasier suspense novel (as yet untitled), but I spent the day working out some plot issues.  And I am so excited to be writing another Frasier book. I think the hardest part of writing The Orchard was having to put the Frasier name aside. That KILLED me.  I'd left my real name behind long ago, along with an old life, and had worked hard to create the Frasier brand. So to go back to Weir in such a public way, and to abandon Anne Frasier… So hard. I've been pretty vocal about how badly I wanted the memoir to be released under Frasier. I still feel strongly about that, but I also realize the name change might have been for the best.   But now I can get back to what I love  – writing suspense.  Not that I haven't been dabbling.  I wrote my cat book that was a joy to write, and I've written a lot of short stories, but not a full-length suspense for so long. Too long. I'm so ready.  And for anybody who wonders, I've put the second cat book aside for the time being.  I'm pretty sure I'll eventually finish it, but I don't know when.

 The magical Forevertron!
This new book has three mystery threads, and I knew that at least two of them needed to merge at some point.  And today I finally solved that issue. Yay. And what is really cool about writing a sequel is that I KNOW these people. So well. So one thing I've been doing is actually charting an emotional journey for the two main characters (David and Elise). Because I KNOW them.  Normally I GET TO KNOW my characters as I write a book, but this is so nice and so familiar. I know their fears and their loves and their desires.  And the mystery is the framework on which to hang their emotional journey.

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  1. yes! (and cats are forever; like the Dude, they will abide)