Wednesday, April 24, 2013


April has been a crazy busy month for book events, but last night was my last one for a while.  This was a book club, and wow. What a nice group. I love book clubs, because the interest and enthusiasm is off the chart.  People have read the book. They want to talk about it. They are truly interested.  This was for The Orchard, and I do think memoirs might lend themselves to book discussions.  And it's humbling and gratifying to hear from people who were impacted by the story in ways I couldn't have foreseen. I'm always surprised by the personal stories people share.

But now I have to buckle down and get to writing again. I'm ready to tackle the second draft of Stay Dead, the Play Dead sequel.  Several people have asked about the cool cat series, but since those books are self-published, they have to go on the back burner even though I'm really anxious to get back to the second cat book.  Stay Dead is a contracted book, due to the publisher September 1. So I'm guessing I won't have the second cat book done until 2014 by the time it's edited and formatted, but it could be earlier. Kind of doubt it though.

Some people have said they want to read more about Max.  Well…

For the curious … a little about The Geek with the Cat Tattoo.  The cat in book two is Max's brother, and book three will feature Max's sister.  The second book is set in Minneapolis. Max's brother has a bit more…power (cool?) than Max. (Max always felt inferior to his siblings, although they all consider themselves matchmakers.)

 Max's brother runs away from an abusive owner and immediately stumbles upon a geeky guy throwing up outside a bar. Max's brother follows the guy home to make sure he's okay, and ends up being adopted by the geeky guitar-repair dude who is painfully shy around females.  (Which is how he ended up drinking too much and throwing up.) And so begins the matchmaking.  The love interest in the story is Melody's sister (from book one), someone geeky dude has had a crush on for two years because she often comes into his shop to drop off and pick up her dad's guitars.  So we will see a glimpse of Melody and Max, but not much. 

I always worry about giving away too much of the plot. Hope that's not too much. :D

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