Friday, August 23, 2013


Stay Dead, the sequel to Play Dead, has a release date.

Coming April 22, 2014

Writing book descriptions is a skill I lack, and I'm confident the publishing house and my editor will come up with cover copy far more enticing than my feeble attempt:

Stay Dead

Savannah homicide detective Elise Sandburg is recovering from injuries received while being held captive by a killer now in a coma when she gets news of a fresh murder with the same MO as the unresponsive man in the hospital bed. Elise is forced to cut her recovery short and risk her life once again in order to help her less-than-stable partner, David Gould, track down a madman the media has nicknamed The Organ Thief.

Coming close to death left Elise questioning her occupation as a detective. She has a teenage daughter to think about, and Elise wants to be a better mother. Dealing with a more immediate deadline, Elise hopes to make her home livable in time for Thanksgiving and her daughter's return from a foreign-exchange trip.  But when Elise tries to leave the world of homicide behind, a repressed memory comes back to haunt her, and in a surprising twist she discovers that she and The Organ Thief have more in common than she could ever have guessed…

On top of that, Elise's mother calls to beg her estranged daughter to investigate Elise's Aunt Anastasia's mysterious death. It seems that the dead Anastasia made a midnight phone call to Elise's mother, leaving Elise to question her mother's sanity and ask the recurring question: Doesn't anybody stay dead around here?

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