Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the rejected letter

Probably speaking too soon again, but it looks as if things have been straightened out.

I need Xanax.


  1. How about a lawyer letter to their legal department raising hell? Seems to me you should cut the lower level people out and get some people on the horn who can make decisions. I'm sure Amazon has in-house counsel or outside counsel.

  2. OMG! checked my Kindle page several times today. Sent yet another email to Amazon this afternoon, and just rechecked the Kindle page to find they've approved it. will take 24 hours or so to publish.


  3. Good karma smiles upon you.

    Finally. ;)

  4. argh. back to square one. PI isn't available in US because they apparently think Penguin still holds the rights.

    they don't seem to be paying any attention to my documentation. i receive emails asking for proof, but their responses and reactions make me think they are paying no attention to the proof that i send them.

    they can't be looking at the documentation, otherwise they would know the simple facts.

  5. Write a letter of complaint to the ceo. They hate to get complaints, and they also make sure your problem is fixed quickly as well. Most of the time anyway...

  6. Put that good karma in the warmer and get ready to rumble.