Thursday, February 23, 2012


One of the more interesting interviews I've ever done is going on over at a new place called  Wonk-o-Mance.  What is Wonk-o-Mance? To boil it down, it's when two messed-up people meet and fall in love.  

From the Wonk-o-Mance manifesto:

We are the mythical readers, the undermarketed writers, who like our protagonists less conventional, our conflicts less tidy, our endings less certain. We want escapism, but we want it with a nice, stiff shot of human frailty. Give us Scarlett and Rhett, yes, yes, but can we also have Harold and Maude? Atticus Finch, mmm-hmm, but also Boo Radley? Nick and Nora, absolutely, but also that broody, effed-up Philip Marlowe? We want the whole messy spectrum of human behavior, packaged up for consumption in romance novel form.

Boy, did this strike a chord with me.  Because I've been writing wonk my entire career, feeling like a freak and kind of a loser because as much as I tried to conform, I simply couldn't do it. Even when I tried. Because I just don't do normal. I don't even know what normal looks like. I do remember at times thinking, Okay, this is boring. Maybe this is normal. 

So to have wonk recognized, embraced, understood, and given a name— yay!

Come on over. And just for fun, I'm giving away a copy of The Orchard. Which, by the way, is also wonk.


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