Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I went back and forth about putting Nirvana stuff in the blurb for Come As You Are. I decided against it after reading the article going around about the twenty-something girl who'd recently written a letter to Nirvana asking if they could play at…something. Homecoming, maybe? And so I thought better not mention Nirvana. But reviewers ARE mentioning the band, and that's good! Yes, there's definitely a strong Nirvana…center.

The weird thing is that I had no idea In Utero was being reissued this year until the book was almost done. That was just serendipity. Molly, the heroine, even writes a story for one of her University of Minnesota classes about the recording of In Utero. (Trivia: In Utero was recorded at Pachyderm Recording Studio in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. My son worked there for a few years before starting his own studio in Minneapolis called Old Blackberry Way.)

There are other musical nods in the book, some obscure and some not so obscure. There's one line in particular that I've wondered if people will get, and it's in reference to Big Star. If you pick up on it let me know.

When my kids were little I used to love to create scavenger hunts, and the clues became more elaborate the older the kids got. I think burying stuff in a story, or even hiding it in plain sight, has a bit of that fun to me. Like, will anybody get this? And if they do, will they think it's fun?

The reissue of In Utero is September 24. Release date for Come As You Are is October 1, but we're hoping to get it out earlier. (Waiting on paperback.) Really hoping we can hit September 24. And not just because of the reissue. If you read the book you'll understand why that date has added significance.

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