Saturday, December 28, 2013


Dear readers:
I want to thank you for all the enthusiastic support you've given the Cool Cats books. I put Girl with the Cat Tattoo out there as an experiment -- to see if there was any interest in a romance told partially from a cat's POV.  The answer was yes! People said the book made them happy, and it made me happy to write it, and it made me happy to hear it made readers happy. 

And now the second and probably final book is out, Geek with the Cat Tattoo.

The unsurprising truth is that romances with a cat's POV simply don't sell very well even with the mad Max and Sam love. I changed the original cover in hopes that it would generate more sales because the original cat cover seemed to confuse non-romance readers and romance readers alike, but I can't change the cat narrator and the perception that a cat narrator is going to make books corny.

 I hate to disappoint people, and I know readers will be sorry to hear the news of no third book, but writing is a business. It takes about two months to write a Cool Cats book, and to tell the truth the books hardly break even. I'd hoped they'd would sell well enough that I could just keep writing and writing them. As my agent used to say in response to poor sales, the readers have spoken.

 It's a weird thing trying to get people to read something they think they're going to hate. I love the cat books. I loved writing them, and I think Geek with the Cat Tattoo might be the best romance I've ever written, but…

If by some fluke the books finally catch fire or I win the lottery and can write cat books until I'm a hundred, pretend you never read this blog post. ;)

BUT, what I most want to say is that it's been a fun journey, one I'm glad you took with me. Thanks for the support. Your response to the books brought me so much joy.

As Max and Sam say, life is good.
Max, Sam, and Theresa


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    1. Sigh is right. >^..^< If the books would ever sell more than a few hundred copies…. If I could sell 3,000 copies at 2.99 I'd continue writing them, but I very much doubt I'll ever see close to that lukewarm figure.


    2. If I could sell 2,000 copies I'd probably continue writing them, but that's a pipe dream.