Thursday, July 8, 2010


My Smashwords stories

When I first started doing this, my Amazon sales were much greater than my Smashwords sales. Well, in fact I had stories sitting at Smashwords for months without any purchases. But now I'm selling four times more at Smashwords. I'm not going to say I'm selling a lot, but I can definitely see a fairly rapid increase. But of course I'm also putting more titles on Smashwords, but for the same title (Pale Immortal) I am now seeing slightly more sales at Smashwords.

I just uploaded Play Dead last night. Have to admit it's my favorite Frasier title. Love Savannah, love spells, love characters who believe in that crazy stuff. My short story in the Once Upon a Crime anthology featured the same characters, and last night I was thinking how I'd love to write another Elise Sandburg, David Gould book. Don't think that will happen, but I'd love to do it.


  1. Hmmmm. I'm going to have to discuss this development with our Nook reader....

  2. i'll bet you bought cool shade. ;)


  3. Play Dead was the first book I read by you and instantly fell for your writing. I then became stalkerish and ordered all your thriller titles and started reading your blogspot when you first wrote here. lol. It amazes me how time flies and how things have changed and we became friends. :) :)

    Not to mention how I've changed (writer wise) since 2005 when I started blogging. I was so innocent and naive. hehehe.

  4. kelly, oh, i hear you!! and i'm not sure we ever really lose that naivete. I try to stuff it away, and it keeps coming back. with this recent memoir sale, i started to feel that things might be great, and imagined all of this success. hah! but as i've calmed down and am once again thinking straight, i realize this book will probably be like the other books, read by some, appreciated by some, but in the major scheme of things it won't make a ripple.